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Online Backup Manager

Who can I trust when it comes to ensuring my stuff is secure?
Poulsbo PC knows first-hand of the perils “end-users” (Moms, Dads, kids, students) face when backing up their stuff is concerned. Most don’t know that their PCs hard drives are immensely susceptible to “crashing, which means they can die.  The ultimate best-case scenario in the event a hard drive dies is that your pictures, e-mail, Word documents, etc. will be lost completely. Under more ideal circumstances we have had to charge upwards of $2200 to recover data. Usually it’s in the neighborhood of $200-350 to recover data.

Why back up my stuff? Such as Excel spreadsheets, Quicken, QuickBooks, Databases, tax forms, music. Word files...
So it basically boils down to this: What would your life be like if you lost pictures of your kid’s 6th birthday? Or that vacation you and your spouse took to Rome in the Summer of 2005? We know there is absolutely no way to replace those. The next logical question is How much would I spend to avoid such a travesty?

Poulsbo PC’s online back-up system starts at just $9.95 for home users. Our unique system allows you to pick and choose what you do and do not want backed up. This allows you to save money by deselecting large, easy-to-recreate items such as videos (you do have your family videos burned to a DVD, don’t you?!)

We have data plans that can accommodate any budget, and offer a tremendous 50GB 30-day free trial to ensure that there is enough room for you to take a proper test drive of our secure systems. Not to worry, our online backup process encrypts and compresses prior to transmitting over 128-BIT secure internet channels, so its safe to use.

Welcome to the next level disaster recovery!

Start protecting your digital assets from hackers, natural disasters, human errors, and general computer failure everyday, automatically, with Online Backup Manager from Poulsbo PC & Technology.

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