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Business Solutions

  • Business Maintenance Plans
  • Redundant Backup Strategies
  • Full Business Network Installation
  • Server Repair and Upgrades
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Network Security
  • Remote Network Access
  • Firewalls, SSL VPN, UTM
  • Systems Management
  • Remote Desktop Support

Poulsbo PC & Technology has everything you need to effective manage and grow your business while taking advantage of the latest technologies. From synchronizing your PDA with your e-mail system to managing your productivity programs, we can really make your business shine. We support all operating systems including all versions of Microsoft Windows Server and Desktop software, plus offer support for Microsoft Exchange deployment and maintenance, Quickbooks, Act! by Sage, and can work with vendors in implementing any third party proprietary software.

Business Maintenance Plans are available in different levels of service and payment options. We can monitor all your systems on a continual basis or be your "on-call" technician for when you notice problems arise. Contact us to discover what plan works best for you.

Redundant Backup Strategies are important in keeping your data safe and readily available for restoration in the event of hardware failure or catastrophic events. Having multiple sets of backed up data dispersed in different geographical locations is a good part of a fully redundant backup strategy. Each business has different data protection needs and we are here to help you develop a strategy that works for your business.

Full Business Network Installation services are available for new businesses, or businesses expanding & upgrading their current network infrastructure. We handle all aspects of your low voltage network cable installation including Cat-5, Cat-3, BNC/Coax and sound system wiring. We also equip your server room/electrical closet with equipment racks and mounting accessories as needed.

Server Repair & Upgrades. We offer full hardware support for all server models. Contact us for a free site survey of your equipment to determine what upgrades would be right for your companies demands.

Remote Access and Security Solutions. Whether you want simple Remote Desktop access to your server or VPN access to your entire network, we can set up a system that works for you. Using Microsoft server and client software you can connect securely to your business network from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.



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